One step beyond Democracy

Today, the same word “Democracy” is used to refer to a method, various systems and many doctrines. (see more about this here)

This page seeks to change the old slogan that many have in their heads: “Democracy is the best possible system of government.” Well into the 21st century, the reality is that Democracy does not continue to be the best possible system of government. This includes the “Representative System” (liberal or not) and all “True Democracies”

It is not true that your fellow citizens are especially ignorant and it is not true that your politicians are especially thieves or incompetent compared to the rest of the world.

All those people who hope to achieve a better future, those who want to live in a society that provides good development conditions for all citizens and those who dream of inhabiting a balanced world, must make an effort to free themselves from that old slogan.

The old slogan subsists thanks to the fact that Democracy is a good business for a few and also as a consequence of our unconscious desire to justify the lack of results of Democracy. Change requires an effort, justifying Democracy is easier and holding others accountable is much easier.

Those who do not ideologically coincide with a democratic government in office, justify the inefficiency of the Democracy system, arguing that said inefficiency is precisely the responsibility of the idea applied by the government or of the inadequacy of the people who exercise the government. Those who ideologically coincide with a democratic government in office, justify the inefficiency of the Democracy system, believing that this inefficiency is produced because of the lack of education of the people, or as a consequence of the inheritance received. Others say that the government system that we have is not a “True Democracy”.

There is a new system called Optocracy that outperforms Democracy systems. (see what the Optocracy is like here)

The problem is not the ideas or the people, the problem is the system. Democracy systems have 7 “systemic flaws” and Optocracy fixes them. (see more about the flaws here)

The Optocracy is not political. Optocracy is not an idea of the right or an idea of the left. Optocracy is a system of government in which ideas work together and does not need citizens to be ideal beings.

If we understand Democracy as “the power of the people as a mass without responsibility”, Optocracy is “the power of all citizens as a group of independent and responsible people.”

Operationally, the citizen only has to do a simple procedure every 4 years similar to renewing the identity document or the passport. Only someone who wants to continue benefiting from Democracy can say that Optocracy is something complicated or utopian.

Human beings tend to be quite stubborn and reluctant to accept changes. We tend to confuse system with doctrine. We are much more closed when it comes to changing a flag that we have adopted as “our act of revolution”, as something that makes us feel that “our youth was worth it”. It does not matter that this revolution is somewhat old and ineffective.

The Optocracy first has to take its place among the ideas of the world, grow and develop. It also needs that most of the people do not continue to believe the old slogan. A natural path without violence.

There are going to be those who want to undermine the concept of Optocracy, even without having made the effort to understand the system. They are going to express in their own way that the Optocracy is something theoretical, inapplicable, utopian, insane, foolish. They will continue to justify the Democracy system by affirming and believing that the problem occurs because their fellow citizens are especially ignorant or that their politicians are especially thieves or incompetent. Others will simply continue to confuse the system with doctrine.

I invite you to make the effort for yourself and for your children. I invite you to take the first step, to understand what the Optocracy is all about, to get rid of prejudices, to overcome the old slogan and to discover why the Optocracy is a better system of government and that it is a practical, simple and fair system.

Albert Einstein said something like “If you are looking for different results, do not always do the same thing.” It seems to me that we have been doing the same for a long time.

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